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Happy Purse!

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Happy Purse!!!

Here’s a cute, little HAPPY story with a cute, little happy ending that I’d love to share with you!  Happy Purse, that’s what Dolly, my happy customer named her purse after her order came in today.  She wanted to share with me the picture she took of Happy Purse and I’m so glad she did!  Now I’d like to share it with you.

Dolly attended her daughter’s ‘Miche Purse Party with Ms Pooz’ and fell in love with one of my Demi demo shells named  ‘Megan’.  As you know, each purse has a female name.   Well, Dolly decided she must have the Megan shell THAT NIGHT so she bought it and took it home.  Even though she wouldn’t have a Demi Base Bag to fit in the shell until the party closed and her order came in, Dolly got creative and Gerry-rigged her purse so that she could start using Megan immediately.  She sent a photo to show her masterpiece.

Okay, so maybe not everyone will appreciate the D-Clips Dolly used to secure the dog collar that substituted as a purse handle but I sure did!  I was so tickled with Dolly’s creativity that I awarded her the ‘Gumdrop Purse Charmer’ for being my most ingenious customer to make the most of her shell while waiting on her order.

Well, Dolly’s order came in today and she got busy putting her Demi Base Bag inside her Megan shell.  But wouldn’t you know, she also loved the ‘other’ shell she ordered, ‘EVE’, so Dolly put the base bag in EVE instead and named it HAPPY PURSE!!!
And that’s the HAPPY ENDING!!!

Dolly sent a picture of Happy Purse for all to see!  Thanks Dolly!  You’re the best!

Megan (white), Eve (black) and the Gumdrop Purse Charmer below:

I just love happy customers!  And if that doesn’t beat all, today a co-worker stopped by my desk and told me that I needed to give her a handful of business cards because she gets lots and lots of compliments on her purse(s).  Another co-worker over heard her and said, “Yea, give some to me too.  I get tons of compliments as well!”  I think I see future ‘Miche Purse Parties With Ms Pooz’ in my near future!

Another update!  Dolly is doing what all Miche customers do, she’s playing with her purses!  She took the demi base bag out of Eve and put it back in Megan and moved the Gumdrop purse charmer to Megan as well.  You can’t take the little girl out of Dolly for she loves playing with her purses!

And one final update… Dolly came in to my work building and paraded her new Demi bag with the Megan shell, exactly what you see up above.  EVERYONE ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhed while pawwing over her purse.  A couple Miche fans who were staunch Classic size customers are now rethinking their size preference.  Thank you Dolly for doing an impromptu Miche Purse Show demonstration for Ms Pooz!  Cha-Ching!!!

I’m happy when my customers are happy!  Thank you Dolly for contributing to Ms Pooz’ Baggage 🙂

It was a good day 🙂

Ms Pooz

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